Creating pro-
parent workplaces

Understand the challenges of your employees who are
working parents and provide genuine support.

Our research

We have surveyed thousands of Working Parents and are gaining invaluable insights into their challenges and concerns. Below is just some of our findings. Please scroll left and right for each statistic.

The guilt score

On a scale of 1 – 10 how much does guilt come into play as a Working Parent?


Does your manager understand the challenges you face as a Working Parent?

Over 43% of Working Dads feel their manager does not understand their challenges.

Do you think being a mother is a barrier to advancing to more senior positions within your organisation?

Over 75% of Working Mums believe it is a barrier.


In that past month have you ever felt overwhelmed at times as a parent?

Over 80% of Working Mums and Dads have felt overwhelmed in the past month balancing both work and home.


What are you most concerned about for your children during the CV-19 crisis?

Lack of social contact with others


The increase in screen time & cyber safety


Lack of physical exercise


Anxiety as a result of CV-19


Their education will suffer


Have you worked less effectively because you were concerned or upset?

In the past month half of Working Parents have worked less effectively due to a parenting related concern.

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Get in touch

How we work?

Parenting Institute operates a programme for organisations to examine their approach to Working Parents, gain insights from their staff and implement genuine and effective solutions, that delivers tangible outcomes.

The programe gives your employees access to a range of services and supports in order to build a ‘Pro Parent Workplace’.

We run initial diagnostics to assess what the challenges are for your Working Parents, non-working parents and people leaders in your organisation. This is especially important now as; how we work, workplace environments, and Working Parent challenges have dramatically changed in recent times.

The results help us shape your programme and covers a range of topics such as preparing/returning from maternity leave, managing inclusively, c-suite gear shift . We offer support to parents on topics such as child anxiety, bullying and cyber safety that are causing daily distress and distraction for parents.

Our programme is designed to support your current HR policies. Our workshops can assist to shape policies and staff programmes. We work closely with HR departments, D&I and Parenting Working Groups to ensure that managers and get the tools they need, and working parents at all levels within your organisation feel supported.

Company diagnostics conducted via our proprietary research

Management workshop and recommendations

Managing Inclusively training for people managers

Coaching for maternity leavers and returners

Parenting skills workshops and support clinics

Expert panel of Industry Leaders in their field

Our services


  • Fertility support
  • Dealing with loss
  • Preparing for maternity leave
  • Returning to work after maternity leave

Working parents

  • Managing guilt
  • Handling child anxiety
  • Cyber safety
  • Bullying
  • & many more


  • Managing inclusively
  • Leave planning
  • Difficult conversations
  • Managing returners

C Suite

  • Report and analysis on current status
  • Business impact workshop
  • Support on policy implementation

Why work with us?

More Productive Employees

Happier Working Parents, who are less stressed, are more productive! Reduces presenteeism in the workplace (a common but often unaddressed issue that can be very costly).

Increased Employee Retention

Working Parents are happier, and employees who are not parents can see the long term benefits of working at pro parent organisations, as they perhaps make future plans for starting a family.

Observe ROI benefits

In retention and recruitment efforts as more employees seek pro parent workplaces.

Greater Diversity at Board Level

Encouraging Working Mums to apply for senior positions.

Attract New Talent

By promoting your organisation as a "pro-parent workplace".

Better Understand Working Employees Needs

Continuous insights and support solutions to ensure continued employee satisfaction.


Allied Irish Banks

When we first met with Parenting Institute, we were impressed by their energy, enthusiasm and evident professionalism. They offer a broad suite of very relevant training courses, that we will no doubt explore further as we journey towards 2020.

To date, we have engaged with them on the Managing Inclusively programme and they, along with the course facilitator, have met our every expectation. Our people leaders who have partaken in this training have given overwhelmingly positive feedback and we are currently in plans to roll this programme out further across our entire AIB network.


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